Project Description

We Are Eves is the first social beauty network, a matchmaking platform with real women sharing 100% honest product reviews

We believe it’s time for a new perspective on beauty.
It’s time for less filters and more honesty.
We Are Eves is beauty realness, because realness is irresistible.
We Are Eves. Beauty is you.

We Are Eves is an independent community with >15.000 users and 180.000 review views per month. Every user has their own “Shelfie” (a personalised online shelf on which favourite beauty products and wishlist can be placed). Any product talked about on WeAreEves can be bought immediately.

Esther Leloux, Julie Hotchkin, Quint Mouthaan
Founded in
Hearst Media Lab

We Are Eves

Esther Leloux & Julie Hotchkin

Tablomonto is a state of the art investor, who has brought us so much. From helping us implement professional processes, determining the right drivers, trainings, experimentation, specialists, and opening their network. With them we go next level.