Our Portfolio Companies

Supporting founders who are shaping a better future.

For you, me and them.


We are a venture capital firm, and we are in it to build strong businesses together with you. And not just any business. We believe technology can disrupt the world for better or worse. And we choose to focus on the better. Tech for better to be more precise.

We live in exciting times where technology is re-designing how we work, live and play. This brings an enormous opportunity and responsibility. An opportunity to innovate and grow, while also improving well-being and living standards for everybody. Call it a more inclusive and healthier world through tech.

At Tablomonto, we focus on investing in tech for good so that the world in 2030 will not only look, but also be better for more people than it does today. We do this through investments in well-being themes such as: job security and future of work, education, health, environmental sustainability, equal opportunities and connectedness.

Don’t call us (just) investors.

We are builders.


How do we get from good to better? By focusing on helping founders build a better business from the start. We add value early on not just through investing capital but by supporting how a business is built. Here is what we focus on:

  • Developing a teams’ internal capabilities through strategic planning and training programs from our Tablomonto Venture Partners on technology, pricing, brand, organization & sales – we help you build a better internal engine for success
  • Giving access to a relevant ecosystem from our support network, mentorship community, key supplier contracts and launching customers – we ignite your start, so that you can focus on validation
  • Multi-stage funding from seed to Series B and giving access to other top investors across the world – we provide capital throughout your journey and let you focus on what’s most important > your business

We (em)power start-ups and partner with diverse founders throughout their journey.


Bart Troost & Patrick Hurenkamp

Tablomonto has been with us every step of the way. From the operational things in the early days to the board seat in the scaling phase… we know we can always count on them.

We Are Eves

Esther Leloux & Julie Hotchkin

Tablomonto is a state of the art investor, who has brought us so much. From helping us implement professional processes, determining the right drivers, trainings, experimentation, specialists, and opening their network. With them we go next level.


Is it you we’re looking for?


Tablomonto wants to build a generation of ‘tech for better’ businesses with teams that are diverse, digitally-native and are able to deliver innovative solutions through technology. We back companies that share our values and use technology to improve the way we work, live and learn.

We look for companies that check off the following boxes: 

  • Use Data & AI to develop technology;
  • Reinvent solutions for unsolved customer needs, and/or improve processes where technology is still limited
  • Utilize Connectivity & Platforms to bring this to the market
  • Leave the world better than it is today

If you think you’re ready to go from good to better,  pitch your idea to us here.



#Fundright is a VC initiated movement aimed at ensuring a more diverse ecosystem, at both VC level and portfolio company level. The goal is a diverse ecosystem, with an equal access to funding and opportunity for all founders irrespective of their background or gender

Tablomonto is one of the founding members of #fundright and is committed to fundamentally diversify the ecosystem. In our last fund 40% of the companies were female led and our portfolio has a cultural diversity of 20%. We believe we are not there yet and will continue to make a conscious effort to diversify our portfolio and keep raising the bar.