€6m investment for Seenons to become Europe’s no.1 waste saving platform in the race to slow-down climate change

Seenons is set to become Europe’s No.1 waste-saving platform after receiving €6m in seed funding in a second investment round, led by Tablomonto and Capital T. Seenons will use this major funding to further develop its technology and expand into Benelux, accelerating the race to meet Europe’s target of zero-waste by 2030.

Seenons was set up in 2019 by ex-BCG consultant Joost Kamermans and platform entrepreneur Jorn Eiting van Liempt to address the growing challenges of waste. Each year, in the Netherlands alone, 2 million megatons of waste are incinerated, whilst our natural resources continue to deplete rapidly. The European targets are clear: by 2030 we have to reduce the use of natural resources and cut carbon emissions by 50%. Seenons has developed innovative technology to bring stakeholders in the waste chain together, the only platform in Europe which caters for the fine-mesh waste streams, The Amsterdam-based team of professional waste-warriors have calculated that by boosting circularity, half a megaton of waste (about 10,000 cargo bikes full) can be re-used instead of being burnt and about 100,000 businesses will be working towards zero waste by 2025. With this impact, Seenons directly boosts the race to meet current national and international targets to stop climate change. The Circularity Gap Report 2021 shows that circularity has high potential, but in daily practice there are still very few new initiatives that succeed in accelerating concrete results.
The Seenons platform and supporting app matches 17+ business waste streams with circular processors who upcycle waste and make new products, giving it a second-life and stimulating the circular economy. For example, orange peel becomes orangello, coffee residue becomes soap. If there isn’t a match, the app uses smart logistics, for example on the existing transport network, to ensure that the waste is taken away in the most sustainable and efficient way – whether it be an electric cargo bike or a garbage truck already driving around. So even if there are no circularity options, Seenons helps in creating less traffic, less CO2 and less congestion in cities.
Joost Kamermans, Seenons CEO: “We need to act fast to change the way we deal with waste. This €6m investment allows us to significantly increase our impact to meet zero-waste targets, by intensifying our cooperation with partners in the waste industry and expanding our professional team by around 40 FTE by the end of 2021. “
Investor Tablomonto’s Tamara Obradov: “We are excited to support Seenons in their mission to close the chain and facilitate demand and supply of the circular economy in a scalable way. The significant funding of Capital T, Tablomonto and the angels gives a clear signal that we need to take a serious stance to structurally change the processes within the current waste industry. As one world, we need to apply circular strategies to significantly reduce GHGs and Seenons is en route to be the no. 1 platform to do so.”

About Seenons
Seenons is a tech company founded in 2019 with a mission to bring people together for a waste-free world. Clean technology and smart logistics are used to bring everyone in the waste chain together, to save waste – valuable raw materials. The Seenons platform and supporting app allows business waste to be matched with a circular processor that upcycles it into new products giving it a new life. For example, coffee granules become soap, orange peel becomes orangello. If there isn’t a ‘match’ the technology ensures that waste is taken away in the most efficient and sustainable way, utilising the existing transport network for maximum efficiency, reducing CO2 and traffic in cities. Seenons is an Amsterdam based start-up with a growing international team of ‘waste warriors’: currently active across the Netherlands, present in Benelux with plans to expand further into Europe; creating a waste-free world for everyone.

About CapitalT
CapitalT supports entrepreneurs of all backgrounds who develop brilliant teams that we want to be a part of. Who build purpose-driven companies around the technologies of the future and who have the passion and intuition to transform their expert ideas into real breakthroughs. Our founders are digital natives who understand the needs of today’s consumers and want to improve their industries and challenge traditional approaches by using artificial intelligence, machine learning or big data. They are entrepreneurs who want to contribute to building a better, more sustainable and equal world.

About Tablomonto
Tablomonto is a venture capital firm that builds with, and supports founders who are shaping a better future. We believe technology can disrupt the world for better or worse and we choose to focus on the better: tech for better. Our aim is that the world in 2030 will not only look, but also be better for more people than it does today. We add value early on not just through investing capital but by supporting how a business is built; developing teams, giving access to a relevant ecosystem and giving access to multi-stage funding.

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