Project Description

Open claims is a Dutch start-up aimed at fundamentally improving the insurance market. Open claims mainly focuses on damage repair and facilitates the interaction between client, client and car body repair company for a growing number of clients and processes.

The Open Claims approach focuses on the digitization of damage processes and workflows. This increases the efficiency for its clients and offers the consumer a clear and customer-friendly process. Openclaims currently has more than 15 clients, including various major parties such as Centraal Beheer and Independer, and is preparing for an international roll-out of its activities.

Lex Orie and Stephan Stergiou

Founded in

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Velocity Capital


Open Claims

Lex Orie & Stephan Stergiou

Openclaims digitizes repair processes.

Find out why innovative insurers and leasing companies trust Openclaims to deliver impact, real time.